OtterBusiness Launches Innovative iPad Case for Education

Achiever Series Folio ST for iPad offers enhanced power and audio capabilities for use inside and outside the classroom

FORT COLLINS, Colo., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- OtterBusiness introduces the Achiever Series Folio ST for iPad (10th generation) – a case solution developed for learning and educational environments starting with industry leading device protection from OtterBox. The Achiever Series Folio ST introduces Smart Technology that innovates beyond the case featuring a built-in splitter module to give access to the USB-C port for power and data with a separate audio port for wired headphones. 

OtterBusiness worked closely with K-12 educators and school administrators to gain insights about the types of solutions they envision for their students. The OtterBusiness team integrated these insights into the Achiever Series Folio ST which puts these innovations and capabilities into the hands of teachers and administrators to provide a robust learning experience for their students.

This new addition to the OtterBusiness education solution portfolio offers enhanced versality and is specifically designed to aid the functionality and dependability of classroom materials. The included folio converts to a stand in two orientations: for viewing and typing. Leveraging the protective design OtterBox is known for, the Achiever Series Folio ST boasts impressive drop protection at two-times military standards (MIL-STD-810G). When on-the-go, the closed folio provides screen protection for carrying the iPad in a backpack or briefcase. Achiever Series Folio ST engages students of all ages with its intuitive design while providing teachers with new capabilities for interacting, interfacing and communicating with other classroom technology.

"Our team worked directly with educators and administrators to gather requirements so we could create a solution that empowers their students to unlock their full potential," said Berkley Fuller, chief commercial officer of OtterBusiness. "The Achieve Series Folio ST was designed to provide additional capabilities for students, educators and administrators to consume and create media without sacrificing the full capabilities of the device in and outside of the classroom."

The new Achiever Series Folio ST for iPad (10th generation) is also designed to hold an Apple Pencil and other electronic styluses and supports sanitizing protocol adherence. The folio includes a 1" x 3" clear asset tag window on the back, which stands out for quick and easy inventory management. The device and folio are tamper-resistant to students, but easily replaceable by school IT departments to provide fast and easy installation.

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