OtterBox Launches Hardline Series: Game-Changing Industrial Solution for iPad OS

OtterBox achieves third-party internationally certified device protection for hazardous environments.

FORT COLLINS, Colo., June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Known for best-in-class protection of mobile devices for personal and business use, OtterBox introduces next-level iPad OS device protection to the industrial world with OtterBox Hardline Series. Designed to enhance safety for connected workers and their technology in rugged and hazardous environments, the Hardline Series is a comprehensive solution with device1, protective case, power and other supporting accessories.

OtterBox leveraged 25 years of experience in protective case innovations to create the world's first UL Certified iPad Air (5th generation) in hazardous work environments. Hardlines Series is the evolution of rugged tools that protect job-essential tech. The OtterBox Hardline Series case with integrated device meets over 200 regulatory requirements. It is the first to be certified by UL Solutions for the United States and Canada, plus IECEx and ATEX certifications internationally.

The Hardline Series product suite includes a Hardline Series case for iPad Air (5th generation), device integration and third-party certification, a charging station and hand and breakaway shoulder straps. From drop protection to electrostatic discharge, chemical resistance, extreme temperature environments and flame-resistance, these industrial-grade products are rigorously tested and certified by UL Solutions to meet eight types of protection to deliver enhanced safety on the jobsite. For added security, the Hardline Series iPad case features a high-visibility black and yellow design that stands out for quick on-site verification.

"OtterBox is committed to developing products that enable technology in industrial worksites, so workers are always up to date on tasks and systems, and it gives the ability to remain in close contact with coworkers for crucial communication. The Hardline Series keeps the technology running efficiently and effectively to safeguard lives," said JC Richardson, CEO of Otter Products. "Safety is of the utmost importance in industrial settings, and we're proud to introduce a frontline layer of protection for the men and women working in these hazardous locations."

"We're pleased that OtterBox chose us to deliver product testing and certification to meet safety compliance for the product's use in potentially explosive atmospheres," said Milan Dotlich, vice president and general manager of the Energy and Industrial Automation Group at UL Solutions. "OtterBox's action demonstrates a commitment to putting the health and well-being of workers in hazardous locations first.

OtterBox Hardline Series defends against accidents by providing device protection that actively mitigates risks from explosions or fires, in industries ranging from textile factories to oil and gas operations. The Hardline Series case for iPad incorporates a patent-pending pressure management system to allow this fully enclosed solution to adjust to sudden pressure fluctuations. In addition, Hardline Series is built to withstand steep drops, and is engineered to protect against flammable gases and vapors, combustible dust and ignitable fibers. Hardline series is an innovation in safety that has not been available to industrial companies until now.

Hardline Series Case with integrated device
OtterBox Hardline Series offers industrial teams an integrated and protective iPad case and device that is certified by UL Solutions to requirements for the United States and Canada, IECEx and ATEX. These certifications provide peace of mind about the products' safety. The Hardline Series boasts the following certifications and features:

  • United States and Canada Certifications: UL Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Division 2, Groups F and G; and Class III
  • International Certifications: IECEx and ATEX Certified for Ex nR IIC, Zone 2, Group IIC and Ex tc IIIC, Zone 22, Group IIIC
  • IP68 rated for demanding work environments with water and dust
  • MIL-STD-810H drop testing to four feet
  • Rigorous impact testing at hot and cold temperatures
  • ESD-safe, UV-durable (F1 rating) and flame-resistant (HB rating)
  • Chemically resistant to saltwater, oils, sanitizing wipes, rubbing alcohol and lotions

Hardline Charging Station
The Hardline's Qi-compliant wireless charging stations are available in two configurations – single-bay and four-bay – for 15W fast charging in typically under four hours. These charging stations meet electrical certifications for office or warehouse use and are optimized for Hardline Series enclosed cases.

Hardline Tech-Touch Safety Gloves2
Outfitting teams with industrial-rated work gloves equipped with multi-finger Tech-Touch capability for streamlined productivity in hazardous locations is easier than ever before. The gloves earned an EN388 rating of 3444 (insulated) and an EN 388 rating of 2444 (standard) to mitigate abrasions, cuts, tears and punctures, and are resistant and comfortable to wear while delivering a confident grip.

Hardline Hand and Breakaway Shoulder Straps
The ergonomic Hand Strap and Breakaway Shoulder Strap offer seamless interaction with Hardline Series cases and enable multi-angle, secure mobile technology use in hazardous work environments. The adjustable strap delivers comfortable one-handed navigation, and the shoulder strap works as a neck strap for hands-free carrying.

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1The purchase of a device is a separate cost and must be procured through an authorized Apple Reseller. Integration service for installation of device and case, as well as third party certification, are included in the price.

2Hardline Tech-Touch Safety Gloves are not included in the main Hardline solution and are an added accessory available with separate purchase.

3Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service, U.S., Cell Phone Device Protection, Jan. 2018Jan. 2022 combined. 


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