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OtterBox: A Helmet for Technology & Valuables

Once you get balancing, pedaling and braking mastered, operating an iPod or making a simple phone call seems perfectly do-able. But it won’t be long until you discover that sweaty palms, bumps in the road and Mother Nature’s unpredictability can spell disaster for fragile devices. Ruggedize gear for any cycling adventure with protective cases from OtterBox.

Technology-specific cases for iPods, iPhones, BlackBerry® and Treo™ smartphones, PDAs and a variety of waterproof storage boxes, protect gear on the road, track, trails and more. As sponsors of the Fort Collins Cycling Team, OtterBox has provided cases to each member so they can safeguard valuables and technology from their active lifestyles.

“The OtterBox 1000 is great for carrying a small digital camera, driver’s license and cash. I never have to worry about the items inside getting wet if I get caught in rain, plus it fits nicely in my cycling jersey pocket,” said Brad Smith, Fort Collins Cycling Team member. “Lots of my team members ride with iPods as well. OtterBox provides extra security from water and crashes whether used with an armband or carried in a jersey pocket.”

Two lines of cases protect for any ride: the fully waterproof, rugged Armor Series™ for the most extreme rides; and the semi-rugged, dust and scratch-proof Defender Series™ for lower-intensity cruising.

Customize your protection:

iPod and iPhone cases: The perfect accessory to take your favorite tunes and phone virtually anywhere! Keep your expensive device safe and protected during the ride. Optional handlebar mounts and armbands available.

BlackBerry & Treo smartphone cases: Keep you phone close by in case of an emergency or simply to stay in touch on-the-go. OtterBox safeguards your smartphone from drops, dust and scratches. Included belt clip provides convenient carrying.

Waterproof boxes: Store items such as first aid kits, cell phones, GPS devices, sunglasses, car keys, wallets and more. Keeps gear sealed from muddy trails, drops, crashes, water and other elements.

For more information visit www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820. OtterBox, never out of its element!

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