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A 45 MPH Launch from a Moving Vehicle... Did OtterBox Survive?

Chris Jones has used his OtterBox 2600 to protect his PDA for the past two years. It has worked great for his surveying consultant business and has offered weather protection while outdoors. However, one day it was tested to the extreme.

As an active volunteer and secretary for the North East Wales Search and Rescue Team, Jones uses his OtterBox 2600 to protect his PDA while navigating during rescues.

“Last year we had a climber hit by a fallen rock in the late afternoon. Just as I returned to the small village where I live, my pager went off again, this time a missing person,” Jones said. “After both jobs were successfully completed, we had a quick debrief then headed home.”

About ten minutes into his journey home, traveling downhill reasonably fast, Jones heard a clatter but thought nothing more about it until he got home and tried to find his OtterBox case with his PDA inside.

“I realized that the clatter I heard on the drive was my OtterBox and PDA sliding off the roof of my vehicle. I would guess I was moving at about 45 miles per hour and it was a hard road,” Jones said.

After a few hours sleep Jones retraced his route, but no OtterBox.

“Later that day, I had a call from the police. Someone had found the OtterBox and PDA,” Jones said. “When I picked it up I was delighted to find OtterBox had completely protected the PDA during the fall and it was still working perfectly, not even the stylus or external clip on the OtterBox was lost!”

With just a small scuff on the plastic of two corners of the OtterBox, the OtterBox is still functional and continues to keep Jones’ PDA in-tact, no matter what his work or volunteer adventures bring.

“What an excellent product!” Jones said.

To learn more about North East Wales Search and Rescue visit www.newsar.org.uk.

For more information about OtterBox, visit www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820. OtterBox, never out of its element!

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