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OtterBox, Ready for Rough Roads, Mud & Tropical Downpours

Jason Houston is used to getting wet. As a photographer for Virginia-based NGO Rare Conservation, he travels all over the world through damp and rainy tropical climates.

“Traveling with camera gear is always difficult, but the rough, remote and almost always wet locations I encounter present a whole new level of challenges,” said Houston, who uses the OtterBox 7030 Laptop Case to protect the heart of his digital photography system, his MacBook Pro. “To pull off trips like these I need ultra-reliable protection against dust, bumps, drops and water.”

Transportation ranges from open 4-Wheelers on unpaved roads to unstable, leaky canoes down tropical rivers. Long days take Houston far from shelter and expose him to all the elements including frequent tropical downpours. In these harsh conditions, the OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case is a lifesaver.

”The laptop case is relatively compact and portable, holding my 15" MacBook Pro, the power supply, a notebook, pen and small hard drive with its cables,” says Houston. “But more importantly it is completely waterproof, drop-proof and crush-proof, which is good because the case is frequently exposed to rough roads, rain, mud and the ongoing shuffling of gear in the cramped cab and open bed of our 4WD pickup.”

Most recently, Houston went to Ecuador to photograph environmental issues in the Quijos Valley watershed and several tributaries of the Amazon River along the eastern slope of the Andes. He visited San Rafael, the largest waterfall in Ecuador, which is currently being threatened by a hydroelectric project 1km upstream. Hiking about an hour into the rainforest, Houston contended with pouring rain the whole time. Luckily, his valuable equipment was safe in his waterproof OtterBox.

“It’s great to travel finally without fear of damaging my laptop,” he said. “I’ve often had to forgo proper protection for weight and size consideration, but the compact design of OtterBox’s laptop case worked great and even stuffed into my soft sided carry-on when necessary.”

Wherever Houston’s travels take him, his well-loved, mud covered OtterBox will continue to provide maximum protection against the world’s harshest conditions.

To learn more about NGO Rare Conservation, visit www.rareconservation.org.

For more information about OtterBox, visit www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820.

OtterBox, never out of its element!

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