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Pick Your Poison: Sleek & Sexy or Tough & Rugged, Two levels of iPod & iPhone Protection from OtterBox

You've given in, forked over hard earned cash to become the proud owner of an iPhone™, nano, classic or touch, but in a world of uncertainty one wrong move can mean the end, protect your device with rugged and now semi-rugged cases from OtterBox!

Looking for something sleek, sexy and slim fit with semi-rugged protection for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle, then check out the Defender Series™. Living an untamed active lifestyle and need the most rugged case available? The Armor Series™ is a perfect fit. Cases will become available individually over the next few weeks, order, pre-order or sign up for notifications at www.otterbox.com.

Pick your Poison . . .

• Defender Series™:

Slim, yet rugged, stylish, yet protective, these semi-rugged cases satisfy the need for protection without compromising style. Coined as a "skin on steroids," these cases offer complete user interaction in an attractive design. Bring on your active lifestyle! A hi-impact polycarbonate shell snaps together to safeguard the device and a completely interactive, scratch-resistant, polycarbonate membrane protects screens and ClickWheels. Finally, a silicone skin wraps over the case to provide additional protection from drops, bumps and shock. Available for the iPhone, nano, classic and touch.*

• Armor Series™:

Ready for any adventure no matter what Mother Nature brings! This fully rugged line of interactive cases safeguards from rain, dust, dirt, drops and other mishaps. With a fully rugged polycarbonate shell and impact-absorbing rubber inside the case to cradle the device, iPods and iPhones can now handle drops, splashes or bumps with ease. Clickwheels and screens remain completely interactive and protected by a thin, scratch-resistant, hi-impact polycarbonate membrane. Available for the iPhone, nano, classic and touch, the Armor Series™ protects devices so you can take your technology virtually anywhere, rain or shine!** As experts in Apple® iPod protection, Otter Products, LLC. offers a variety of cases for any iPod, iPhone or technology enthusiast.

For more information call 888-695-8820 or visit www.otterbox.com. OtterBox, never out of its element!

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