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Back-To-School Multitasking is the Norm

Listen to your iPod on the bus, riding your bike, rollerblades or long board to class? Use your laptop or iPod between classes? Work-out with your iPod? Students have mastered the once difficult task of doing two or more things at once. However, multitasking can become dangerous when you're on campus with thousands of other students.

Change it up this year and protect your expensive devices, laptops, iPods, valuables, car keys, cell phones and more with OtterBox! OtterBox can protect items that get dropped and broken too easily from campus mishaps.

iPod Defense: The OtterBox for iPod is an ideal accessory for any campus commute! Take it with you to class, to the recreation center or to the dining hall. Cases available for iPod® mini, 20GB, photo, nano 1st and 2nd generation, shuffle 1st generation and video! With an innovative Click Wheel membrane, users can access songs right through the case. Waterproof, drop resistant cases add longevity and protection to expensive iPods.

Laptop Protection: Transform a standard laptop into a rugged laptop when you're on the go. Take it to class with you in a rugged case that will keep it up and running, even after a bike collision! Available to fit up to 15" screens, this rugged case provides water, dust and drop protection and keeps laptops safe in busy dorms, cafes and hallways.

Valuable Security: The OtterBox, ideal for protecting anything from sunglasses and credit cards to digital cameras, cosmetics and cell phones, is one of the most versatile back-to-school cases on the market. Available in a variety of sizes, the OtterBox has easy-open latches, which provide effortless entry yet secure closing. Customized silicone gaskets create a waterproof seal.

Life's too short to be worrying about safeguarding your valuables. Live worry free, knowing that OtterBox is there with drop and water protection. Save your iPod, laptop and valuables from campus disasters. Go back to school with confidence!

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