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OtterBox for iPhone... coming soon!!!

Since the introduction of the iPhone, we’ve been bombarded by requests for a case. Although this is still a several months out, I wanted to share with you information and renderings of the proposed case. This case will be unlike any other iPod case from OtterBox! The OtterBox for iPhone will be a slick, slim fit, semi-rugged design that allows complete user interaction. Please feel free to post and pass on any of the enclosed details. I will keep you posted when the website is available for ordering and when I have additional details.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for a product sample please let me know. Again, this is still several months out but I will surely keep you in the loop on this innovative addition to our iPod protection line!

Thank you for your support,
Kristin Golliher 

OtterBox for iPhone:
Product name: OtterBox for iPhone
Model: OtterBox 1940


Accommodates both 4 GB and 8 GB Apple iPhones

3 Layers of Protection – The phone in its entirety is protected even during use as all surfaces are covered at all times

Touch interface is completely protected while still being fully useable through a patented touch-screen membrane

Sleep/Wake, volume and home buttons are all protected and useable via pass through buttons

Sync/Charge, headphone and silence functions are all usable through plugs

Case includes a swivel belt clip that provides full impact protection for the screen

Kelly Richardson, 970-372-1875