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OtterBox: As Rugged As You Are

Looking for protection for your technology as rugged as you are? Look no further. OtterBox provides the most rugged protection on the market for your PDA, smartphone, laptop, iPod, cigars, PC and GPS. Whether you're a he-man hunter or a superdad, use your technology in any situation with confidence!

He-Man Hunter: Can't wait for that hunting trip with all your buddies? Hunting season is almost here! Be prepared and protect your technology with rugged cases from OtterBox. Bring along your smartphone, laptop, cigars and GPS protected with OtterBox. Cases are so rugged they even safeguard from outdoor elements such as dust, dirt, drops, water and crush. Now you can use your technology in the woods and know that even if it rains, snows or hails OtterBox will be there!

Macho Motorcycle Man: Love to cruise on your motorcycle? Ride with rugged protection from OtterBox. OtterBox has drop and crushproof protection so it's perfect for your cell phone, keys, sunglasses and digital camera. Even bring along your GPS or smartphone with OtterBox for a worry-free drive!

Masculine Fisher: Getaway for a relaxing fishing trip and bring your technology with you! OtterBox has water resistant protection for your PDA, GPS and smartphone, and waterproof protection for your iPod and cigars. Now you can enjoy that cigar after your big catch!

Confident Golfer: Golf with confidence and know that your technology is safe and secure with OtterBox! Bring your smartphone and cigars with you on the course. OtterBox protects from any type of weather condition! The smartphone cases even allow you to access your information right through the case, with interactive technology.

Work-out Hunk: Love to swim, hike, bike or go to the gym? Now you can bring your iPod and listen to your favorite tunes. OtterBox for iPod is a waterproof, crushproof case that allows you to swim laps, hike or bike a mountain or even lift weights at the gym with complete iPod protection.

Lion-hearted Camper: Camping is fun and affordable, but sometimes it can create an unsafe environment for valuables. With OtterBox you can protect your valuables under any condition and be confident that it will be safe! Bring your GPS device to find the perfect camp spot in a case from OtterBox!

Valiant Sailor: Go sailing or boating and bring along your Treo™ and Blackberry® in an OtterBox! These cases are water resistant so you can be at ease even with splashes. Protect other valuables in the virtually indestructible OtterBox case line.

Superdad: On-the-go with the kids? Use OtterBox for you and your child's valuables. Now you all can listen to your iPod and use your smartphone with protection from OtterBox! OtterBox is perfect for your kids to use with drop proof, crushproof, and waterproof protection! You can bring your iPod and smartphone with you to the pool, beach, baseball and soccer games, out shopping, in the car and to school! Be worry-free knowing that your technology is in the best protective case on the market!

For more information visit www.otterbox.com.

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