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Need the Ultimate Protection for Your Camera Parts & Accessories?

Photographers are the epitome of active, on-the-go lifestyles. From photo shoot to photo shoot, camera set up and tear downs and finding that perfect shot, the chance to ruin delicate equipment is always prevalent.

Need the ultimate protection for camera parts and accessories? OtterBox provides rugged cases to protect expensive photography technology. Let OtterBox safeguard gear at every photo shoot even in the rain, snow, wind, hail and against dust, drops and dirt!

Brian Morrato, Media Specialist at Colorado State University, uses his OtterBox 2500, a rugged carrying case, to protect his still-camera parts from elements like dust, dirt, drops, and water. After finding the OtterBox, Morrato knew it was the perfect solution for protecting his valuable camera parts.

"OtterBox has rugged engineering, a fair price, and it's a perfect fit for my camera gear," said Morrato.

"One time, I was loading my camera into the car and I dropped it. I was so worried when I opened the case, but because it was in the OtterBox nothing was damaged," explained Morrato. "It saved the day!"

Morrato has used OtterBox now for 4 years. He recommends that every camera be protected in one.

"The benefits the OtterBox provides are water resistance, ruggedness, and protectiveness," said Morrato.

OtterBox cases are available in a variety of sizes for a perfect fit of any valuable even technology like PDAs, smartphones, laptops and iPods! For more information on photography accessory cases visit www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820.

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