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OtterBox: Stronger Than a Semi

Imagine having a case for your phone, so durable, that even if a semi ran over it, your device would still be in great condition. In this case, the OtterBox did just that.*

Mark Walker a construction worker in Canada almost lost his Treo™ to a semi while crossing the highway on his way to a work site.

"When I was running my cell phone enclosed in an OtterBox fell out of my pocket and onto the highway," explained Walker. "When I turned around a semi truck, going about 40 miles an hour, ran right over it. Two tires hit it!"

"I was thinking that there would be nothing left but pieces," said Walker. "I went to pick it up and my cell phone was in the crushed case with just a little dirt in it. Surprisingly, it was still working and in the same condition as when I put it in the OtterBox."

Walker works in a fast paced hard labor environment where they go through plenty of work supplies like tape measures, hammers, shovels and more. He uses the OtterBox 1920 Treo case to protect his expensive device.

"When I was looking for a cell phone case, I was looking for the most durable longest lasting case. Nothing compared to the thickness and ruggedness of the OtterBox and when buying a real expensive phone I didn't want to ruin it at work."

Walker keeps his cell phone with him in case of emergencies and it's convenient to use on the work site. Although the OtterBox was crushed in the accident, it provided the necessary protection to shield the expensive Treo from harm.

OtterBox has cases for the Treo and Blackberry® as well as cases for ipods and laptops. OtterBox even protects everyday valuables like car keys, credit cards, and jewelry. These rugged cases safeguard from dirt, dust and water as well as being drop proof and crushproof.

"The benefits of using the OtterBox I think are the external buttons and covered screen for water resistant durability, the thickness and rough look of the case, the cover screen for scratch or cracking of the screen and the easy-to-remove clip for taking out the cell phone from the case."

More information is available at www.otterbox.com or 888-695-8820.

*Note: OtterBoxes are not intended for semi's running over them!

Kelly Richardson, 970-372-1875