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A Woman's Guide to Protecting Technology & Valuables

Attention Women: whether you're a gardening diva or a supermom, OtterBox has a variety of cases to protect your everyday valuables such as laptops, smartphones and iPods. Cases so advanced they protect from everyday elements such as water, dust, dirt and drops and even kids!

Gardening Diva: Love working in your garden? Now you can bring your iPod® with you and listen to your gardening playlist! Bring out your inner diva, practice your dance moves and sing along to your favorite songs while planting flowers or vegetables. OtterBox carries cases for iPod mini, 20GB, photo, nano 1st and 2nd generation, shuffle 1st generation and video! With an innovative Click Wheel membrane, you can access your songs right through the case. OtterBox for iPod is waterproof to protect from the hose and even offers dust, dirt and drop protection from muddy flower beds.

On-The-Go Leading Lady: Always on the go? Take your technology with worry-free protection from OtterBox. Bring your smartphone, laptop, iPod, GPS or everyday valuables with you on-the-go. OtterBox has interactive cases for your Treo™ and Blackberry® as well as a case so rugged for your laptop you can even stand on it! The laptop carrying case has customizable parts for any size laptop. Whether your on-the-go with work or with your kids, let OtterBox be there to safeguard your technology!

Pool Goddess: Enjoy sitting by the pool or swimming, but afraid to damage your valuables from the water? With OtterBox you can protect your cell phone, car keys, credit cards, iPod and jewelry at the pool! OtterBox has various cases that protect from water, dirt, sunscreen, kids or anything else you would encounter by the water. You can even jam out to your favorite tunes while swimming laps!

Work-out Heroine & Jogging Daredevil: Whether your working-out, at the gym or on a run outside, take your technology with you! OtterBox for iPod provides protection from the elliptical, treadmill, bicycle and unexpected bumps. Be a daredevil and jog in any condition! Jog through mud, rain, dirt, snow and sand while listening to your jogging playlist. Know that in any work-out situation you will have a rugged safeguard with OtterBox.

Supermom: On-the-go with the kids? Use OtterBox for you and your child's valuables. Now you can listen to your iPod and use your smartphone with protection from OtterBox! OtterBox is perfect for your kids to use with drop proof, crushproof, and waterproof protection! You can bring your iPod and smartphone with you to the pool, beach, baseball and soccer games, shopping, in the car and to school!

For more information on protecting your valuables and technology visit www.otterbox.com.

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