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Your Weekend Getaway Guide to Technology

Planning on taking a vacation this summer? There is still time! Even if it's just for the weekend, the Fourth of July or outdoor fun, safeguard your valuables and technology on any adventure.

Beach Getaway: Love lounging at the beach? Now you can listen to your iPod, work on your laptop and keep your valuables close and protected! Don't forget to bring along an OtterBox to safeguard from the sand, water and sunscreen with advanced technology. Now you can get into the water and take your valuables with you! Listen to your iPod in the water using the OtterBox for iPod case and waterproof headphones. Take along your credit cards and car keys with complete water protection. Rugged cases for a worry-free weekend.

Mountain Getaway: Enjoy going to the mountains to climb, hike, bike, or camp? Bring your technology and valuables with help from OtterBox. Outdoor activities can be dangerous for devices, but with OtterBox you can enjoy your experience knowing you have the most rugged protection out there! Listen to your favorite playlist on your iPod while climbing or hiking. Receive emails, search the web and talk on the phone with the cases for your Blackberry® and Treo™ while enjoying your mountain getaway!

Lake Getaway: Heading up to the lake for the weekend? Take your technology boating, fishing, kayaking, or swimming. Defend your valuables with a lasting safeguard. Use various OtterBox cases to store sunglasses, credit cards, batteries, cell phones and car keys or custom cases for your iPod, cigars and smartphone.

Big City Getaway: Going for a weekend visit to the big city? Bring defense for your valuables. Busy airports and crowded streets are gateways for broken technology. With OtterBox, your technology will last through big city chaos! OtterBox provides drop-proof as well as crushproof armor cases for any sized valuables.

Road Trip Getaway: Planning on driving a couple hours to see friends and family? OtterBox protects from bumpy rides, frequent stops, kids, spilled drinks and devices being smashed between the seats. Cases provide a lifetime guarantee for defense against water, dust, dirt and drops. Engineered for rugged, lasting protection even on a road trip, OtterBox helps you cruise with confidence!

For more information on the complete line of valuable and technology protection your next weekend get away visit www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820.

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