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OtterBox Enters Blogosphere

Otter Products, LLC., manufacturers of rugged cases for iPods, PDAs, Tablet PCs and other valuables, enters the blogging community with their new blog at http://otterbox.blogs.com.

"We hope to create an open, honest dialogue with our customers to reach out to them on a personal level," said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC. "We always hear amazing stories through e-mails, phone calls, and letters of how customers are utilizing our products, now they can share those experiences with others."

The blog encourages product feedback, comments, and testimonials from customers using cases in everyday or extreme conditions such as biking, diving, climbing, swimming, forestry, military, and more!

Otter Products hopes to provide answers to questions and stimulate conversations through the blog, something difficult to do on a traditional website. Readers can post topics in product specific blogs and find the latest OtterBox news including product announcements.

"The blog will also prove a useful tool for future product development," said Brian Thomas, Director of Sales and Marketing. "By listening to our customers and their changing needs, we can produce products to meet demands."

Although this is a new company venture, OtterBox remains optimistic about the possibilities of the blog and looks forward to reaching customers on a one-on-one level.

For more information on the OtterBox blog, contact Kristin Pribble at 480-668-3954 or kristinp@otterbox.com.

Kelly Richardson, 970-372-1875