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Education with Altitude-Pingree Park

While most summer classes occur indoors, students in the College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University attend sessions at 9,000 ft., in a classroom without walls.

Pingree Park, located 70 miles northwest of Fort Collins, Colo., provides an ideal learning facility for hands-on experience, especially with the availability of innovative technology tools. Software installed on PDAs (Personal Data Assistants) provide students with a database of birds, mammals, plants and ecosystems found in the area and even provide electronic flashcards to help them prepare for exams.

Installed with expensive software vulnerable to Mother Nature, these PDAs never go unprotected. Enclosed in an OtterBox 2600, a waterproof, crushproof, drop-resistant PDA case, these "virtual textbooks" resist scratches, impact, rain, dirt, dust and more.

Program administrator and professor, Dr. Wayne C. Leininger explained, "We've been using the PDA and OtterBox 2600 application since 2003 and haven't had a broken PDA yet. Last summer it rained practically the whole 4-week session and these cases provided perfect protection."

As an expert in the Natural Resources College for 21 years, Leininger sees the benefits of using PDAs, especially when students are learning numerous plants, animals, soils, geology and climate facts every day. PDAs provide reference and study tools as well as data collection and note taking capabilities.

Through the OtterBox solution, the Department of Natural Resources saved thousands of dollars from having to purchase rugged PDAs. The OtterBox 2600 allows them to use standard PDAs that remain protected in the cases.

Natural Resources student, Olivia Latham recently took her PDA cliff diving and took several study breaks between dives. "I just strapped the OtterBox and PDA onto my pack and carried it around all day. It was great to have it so accessible."

Parker Coombs, forestry major, said, "I've been using the PDA and OtterBox case for about a week and it is awesome. It really does its job and keeps dirt and moisture out. The plastic is durable and the hand strap makes it easy to hold and record information."

With more PDAs entering ecology, forestry, biology and natural resource fields, it is essential students understand how to use and protect them. With sessions at Pingree Park, students become knowledgeable in both the nature and technology realm.

For more information on Otter Products and protective technology solutions visit: www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820.

For more information on Pingree Park and the College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University visit: http://www.cnr.colostate.edu.

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