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Cigar Caddy by OtterBox

OtterBox has updated the design of its popular waterproof, airtight and crushproof "Cigar Caddy" line of ruggedized cigar cases, and added two new sizes to keep cigars fresh for months.

Virtually indestructible Cigar Caddy cases are ideal for boaters, campers or any cigar aficionado who wants the best cigar protection available. Cigar Caddy cases remain completely watertight even 100 feet underwater and are much less expensive - and more versatile - than leather or other types of cases on the market.

OtterBox guarantees Cigar Caddy will protect cigars and keep them moist and fresh in tough environmental conditions, or will refund the purchase price.

Cigar Caddy designers added a two-stick case that fits in pant pockets and a larger 10-stick case. They also modified the original three cases in the line with a bolder, more ergonomic and rugged look.

Each Cigar Caddy case (except for the two-stick case) features an internal portable humidification device guaranteed to keep cigars moist for months. Updated features on all Cigar Caddy styles and sizes include:

1. a larger, simpler-to-open latch;

2. reinforced eyelet on the side of the case to securely hold a neck lanyard;

3. O-ring moved to top of lid for even greater watertight seal, and to reduce contaminants from falling into the seal.

4. hinges that keep lid open at any angle; and

5. coin slot vacuum release that makes opening the case easier when a significant change in altitude or temperature creates a vacuum in the airtight case.

All Cigar Caddy cases are black and range in size from the small 3140 two-stick case (about 8 x 3 x 2 inches) to the large 18-stick 5400 model (about 10 x 8 x 5 inches).

Cigar Caddy cases range in price from $21.49 to $72.95, depending on the size.

"Over the past five years, we've listened to our customers and responded with an even more user-friendly and rugged Cigar Caddy design," said Curt Richardson, OtterBox founder and CEO. "All Cigar Caddy cases will continue to feature our innovative, watertight seal combined with fiberglass-reinforced plastic to make the Cigar Caddy virtually indestructible and as always we stand behind all products with the no questions asked, unconditional lifetime guarantee."

For more information, contact Otter Products at 888-695-8820 or visit www.otterbox.com.

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