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The True Test....IRAQ

With Iraq's extreme conditions-dust, sand, and impact, it's not a surprise most gear fails to withstand the challenge. Maj. Sterling McMurrin knows this first hand, until he found the OtterBox for iPod, the most rugged iPod case on the market.

Maj. McMurrin's iPod serves as his connection home. With pictures of family and friends and his favorite songs stored on his iPod, Maj. McMurrin wasn't taking any chances in ruining his device.

After receiving an OtterBox for iPod, he knew he found the ultimate iPod protection.

"My iPod is working just as well today, after four months in the desert, as the day I received it," explained Maj. McMurrin. "The case protects from dust, water, impact and abuse without question."

"The true test was the day I left the case on the front of the truck, we had to suddenly leave due to a small arms fire and the case fell under the truck. I thought it was a goner. A few days later, working in the same area, I recovered the iPod and it was working perfectly. I plugged in my headphones and cranked up the tunes, it was great!"

With innovative clickwheel access and a waterproof, dustproof design, the OtterBox for iPod provides ideal protection for any mission. No matter what the assignment entails, McMurrin knows his iPod is protected even in the toughest environment.

"Your products are undeniably the best, and have no equal," said Maj. McMurrin. "We not only appreciate them, but abuse them every day here in Iraq."

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