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"In the past, companies including Otterbox and Spigen have come to be known as top offerings in the category. So don’t be surprised to see either of these, or both companies moving into the top five or ten on the Amazon bestseller lists for smartphone accessories."


“One of the biggest and best brands in the case industry is OtterBox. At the top of this line, you’ll find the Defender series, which provides three layers of protection that protects your device from drops and scrapes in a way few other cases can compete with.”

Android Authority

“It seems that just about everyone I know who hunts, fishes, boats, or plays outdoors with an iPhone has their iPhone wrapped in an Otterbox case.”


“OtterBox's years of experience in this field shows. The Defender Series continues to be tough, smartly designed, and good-looking.”

Android Central

“Dropping the iPad is a major whoops and can be a huge hassle if not properly protected. Luckily, with the Otterbox Symmetry Series Folio for iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini, rest assured that drop out of a backpack will do no harm. And its refined look will appeal to any sophisticated student.”

Huffington Post

Some of the toughest cases around are made by OtterBox. They are known for being bulky, plain looking, and super protective. Today, they have gotten rid of the plain problem with their new NFL themed Defender series cases.

Talk Android

OtterBox has cases from almost all its collections for the new iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.

9 to 5 Mac

Otterbox has revealed a new case line that will add a lot of style to the company’s typical tough substance. It’s the Strada series, and it uses genuine leather wrapped around a sturdy dual-piece case to make for a very nice, yet protective case.

... it’s our exprience that Otterbox cases are worth every last penny used to pay for them. 



Military-grade protection, a 2,600 mAh battery, and an auto-stop charge are some of the key features of this case. The auto-stop charge means that the case will stop charging your battery when it reaches 100 percent, saving the battery power for later when you need it. Available in black, glacier, cardinal, and mint ice.

iPhone Life Magazine

But perhaps more interesting is OtterBox’s partnership with an emerging fashion designer. The move took its brand beyond the sea of sponsorship booths. Instead, it was part of the grand finale piece for the Katty Xiomara Spring 2015 show.


Still, design compromises are often made based on consumer need. Otter, for example, makes cases that are hard on the outside to let consumers more easily slide a device into a pocket.

New York Times

Add an element of organization to this chaos by keeping your phone safe and fully juiced up all the while. The OtterBox Resurgence case extends your battery life twice over, and will auto-stop charging to conserve power.


I'm sure you've heard of OtterBox. They make those super-durable cases you alway see at big box stores, and they're one of the top names in device protection. 


Resurgence provides a nice balance of rugged protection and usability. Full button and switch coverage is built in, as is a unique four-bar remaining power indicator circling the rear power button.

9to5 Mac

The OtterBox Symmetry is one of the company’s slimmer offerings, although it still does add a bit of bulk to the phone. Regardless, the case makes your phone feel as sturdy as a tank.

Yahoo! Finance

The Symmetry's thin frame has just enough rubber jutting out on the front to protect the screen. Overall, it's unobtrusive and designed to look like a form that goes over the phone rather than a case.

Men's Journal

Otterbox, a leading manufacturer of smartphone cases, unveiled a special edition phone case with fashion icon Nina Garcia.


One of the major pros of the Defender is that it has plugs for all of the ports to stop grit, dust and other debris clogging them up, similar to the plugs on waterproof smartphones.


At the Mobility Week convention, OtterBox, for example, had a lineup of colorful iPhone 6 cases in various floral-print themes available for inspection. And yet nobody at the company has obtained an iPhone 6 yet, and they won’t until they stand in line at a store with everybody else next Friday.

Yahoo! News

Specs and bells and whistles aside, the OtterBox Resurgence case is a very sturdy battery case at a competitive price and definitely worth considering.

9 to 5 Mac

Don’t leave for college unless you have a protective case for your iPhone 5/5s. Seriously! The Otterbox Resurgence is a smart buy, even at this price, because it’s rated for military-grade protection and will withstand drops from a few feet.

Fox News

When you're away from home and want to show off your home team pride, the OtterBox NFL Edition Defender Case has you covered.

Huffington Post

Its called the Agility “Tablet System” and we have to say it already supports an ecosystem of accessories. In this review we are going to dive into the Shell, which is the main component of the entire system. 

Binary Wasteland

It’s been a big week for Otterbox around here. First they wow us with their new Agility series of iPad cases and accessories, and now they add to their Otterbox Symmetry Series high-style cases with a new design from Nina Garcia who is pretty high-style herself...

Cool Mom Tech

Now Otter is taking another stab at the market with Resurgence Power Case for iPhone 5/5s ($100), which combines a 2000mAh battery with military-rated drop protection.


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