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Smartphone Outsmarted: OtterBox Intelligent Battery App in Beta

FORT COLLINS, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Being predictable isn’t always a bad thing. OtterBox® will soon have the Smartphone Outsmarted™ with a new battery app for Apple® iPhone® and Android® devices. Introducing a beta version of the OtterBox iON Intelligence™ application, available free from Google Play and coming soon to the Apple Store.

This innovative app is a smart and seamless battery extender. iON Intelligence will eliminate the guesswork of predicting battery life with a clear display of power status and an intuitive indication of exactly when to charge next. Soon, industry-leading OtterBox Defender Series® protection for iPhone 4/4S and Android devices will come packed with this innovative technology to provide a trifecta of power, protection and battery management.

The iON Intelligence software is a learning application that estimates battery power and battery time remaining by incorporating current and historical power usage. Over time, iON Intelligence learns about power usage patterns and improves its accuracy. The more it’s used, the better it gets.

“Battery life is one of the few attributes that Apple and Android users are often concerned with,” OtterBox President and CEO Brian Thomas said. “OtterBox’s mission is always to enable the tech consumer, and giving them a means to manage their smartphone battery allows for intelligent use. Our engineering teams created a product that charges up to three-times faster than any other of its kind, allowing users to leave the phone charger behind and significantly improve battery life.”

For OtterBox, premium protection is always key to design. With a “Made for iPhone” certification, this state-of-the-art product will offer triple-layer protection in addition to smart and seamless power. The first layer is a built-in screen protector that guards against scratches without inhibiting touch sensitivity; the second is a sturdy polycarbonate shell that securely snaps in place around the device and the outer layer is a robust silicone skin complete with port and plug covers to keep out dust and dirt.*

For more information, visit www.otterbox.com/ion-intelligence.

While the app is smart, there are limitations. It’s important to note that battery life is influenced by many factors, including but not limited to battery health, the number of times the battery has been charged, local temperature and even air pressure. Measurements of battery time remaining can also be influenced by distance from cellular towers, interference from other devices, other apps running in the background, how far and fast your device is moving between your carrier’s towers, push notifications, background iTunes downloads, background email downloads volume and frequency and more.

In total, iON Intelligence monitors and incorporates most but not all of these factors to create the most accurate, personalized power profile possible today.

Additional Defender Series Information:

Environmental Protection:

Drop and shock – protection against drop, bump and shock

Water protection – not tested or recommended for water protection

Dust intrusion – dust does not enter in a sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of equipment

About OtterBox:
Built upon fundamentals of hard work, innovation and perseverance, OtterBox is a leader in the production of premier protective solutions for global handheld manufacturers, wireless carriers and distributors.

Incorporating creativity and cutting-edge design into every product, OtterBox creates sleek and durable cases that offer reliable device protection to complement any lifestyle. OtterBox was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo. In 2010 OtterBox established an EMEA headquarters in Ireland and an APAC headquarters in Hong Kong.

For more information, visit www.otterbox.com. We’ve Got Technology Covered.

*Defender Series cases NOT protected against water. Will provide some added protection against drop, bump and shock.

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