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International Horizons: OtterBox & Moftware Partner to Offer Technology Cases

Otter Products, LLC. is pleased to partner with Moftware to offer cases for technology enthusiasts throughout India, the United Kingdom and the United States. Cases will be sold worldwide on Fommy.com, a global provider of smartphones, cell phones and accessories, and Fommy.co.in, a sister site for retailing specifically in India. Customers will now be able to purchase the latest cases for BlackBerry® and iPhone® devices to add protection and longevity.

“Moftware will bring OtterBox business to India and open up exciting opportunities worldwide. It’s a very new market and there is lots of potential for expansion,” said Jim Drobnick, Distributor & International Executive at Otter Products, LLC.

After meeting at WES (Wireless Enterprise Symposium) in 2007, OtterBox has worked with Moftware to determine the best cases for their customers. With their primary focus being smartphones and accessories, OtterBox’s new Defender Series™* line was the perfect fit. These sleek, slim-fit cases provide all the protection Moftware customers are looking for in a completely interactive, attractive design.

“For us this is beyond just a great opportunity for expansion. We know that OtterBox products are truly unique so adding them to our offerings on the fommy.co.in website for the Indian consumer was an easy decision,” said Pallavi Thakur Dinesh, COO for Moftware.

Offering the entire OtterBox BlackBerry case line for 8700, 7200, 8800, Pearl 8100, Pearl 8110/8120/8130 and Curve models as well as the iPhone, Fommy.com and Fommy.co.in shoppers can safeguard devices from drops, scratches, dirt and busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

“Since our recent partnership, our presence here in the US continues to expand through Moftware’s many domestic retail and distribution channels,” said Aaron Goble, Distributor & International Executive at Otter Products, LLC. “We are eager to work with Moftware to explore the potential that OtterBox has in these new markets.”

“Moftware is our largest customer and primary distributor in India. Through Fommy.com and Fommy.co.in OtterBox will definitely have a more international scope,” Drobnick said.

About Moftware & Fommy.com

Fommy.com is the No. 1 global provider of smartphones, cellphones and accessories. Founder and CEO Pinakin Dinesh leads the team with 10 years of experience, including executive positions at AT&T Wireless and British Telecom. Moftware is the parent company for Fommy.com with operations in the USA, UK and India. The company has four divisions - retail, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing and services. Moftware is well positioned towards further growth, setting themselves apart from competitors with an innovative infrastructure.

For additional information visit www.moftware.com.

About Otter Products:

Founded in 1998, Otter Products, LLC. is highly respected in the design and production of rugged and semi-rugged cases to safeguard technology and other valuables. Built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity and perseverance, Otter Products is a powerhouse of innovation, manufacturing quality cases with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee.

For more information visit www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820.

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*Defender™ Series cases NOT fully protected against water. Will provide some added protection against drop, bump and dust. NOT intended for protection against water intrusion.

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