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Don't Let Your UMPC Flatline, Protect with OtterBox

Samsung Ultra Mobile PCs are revolutionizing the medical field.With all the features and capabilities of a full-size tablet PC, in a more compact design, the UMPC allows doctors and other medical professionals to access important information anywhere at any time. But chaotic hospital environments and hectic private practice schedules can spell disaster for these costly devices. Prevent damage and destruction with the new OtterBox 1990 for Samsung Q1 Ultra and Q1 Ultra Premium UMPCs.

Safeguarding against dust, dirt, drops and scratches, the OtterBox 1990 is part of the sleek Defender Series™ line which provides semi-rugged protection in three durable layers without adding bulk.

Layer 1: Thermal formed protective clear membrane slides on to safeguard screen and keys from scratches, dirt and dust* (layer optional depending on the level of ruggedization desired)

Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell snaps together over the device

Layer 3: Silicone skin wraps over the case to provide additional protection from bumps and shock

“The 1990 case was designed specifically with fast-paced work environments, such as the medical field, in mind,” said Curt Richardson CEO of Otter Products, LLC.“The case provides excellent protection from drops and scratches, giving doctors and other medical professionals a sense of security when using their expensive UMPCs.”

The design of the OtterBox 1990 allows for complete device interactivity. All features are fully accessible without removing the case. With their UMPC protected by OtterBox, medical staff can pull up patient records anywhere in the building at anytime.

The case’s clear protective membrane allows full use of the touch-sensitive screen. Open programs, navigate menus and take notes with the tethered stylus, which can be stored on the back of the case when not in use. An integrated flip stand also provides a multimedia display for training videos or hands-free use in an exam room.

Access to all navigation keys and I/O ports through the case makes it easy to connect the UMPC device to medical test equipment, automatically recording test results and data. Additionally, the case does not interfere with the device’s voice recognition software, allowing doctors to dictate without interruption or error.

For easy carrying, the OtterBox 1990 comes with an interchangeable hand strap on the back that can be placed on the right or left side depending on user preference.Also, OtterBox offers an optional shoulder strap kit as an alternative carrying option.

From the exam room to the operating table, the OtterBox 1990 is the ideal solution for busy medical professionals. Now they can use their Samsung Q1 Ultra and Q1 Ultra Premium UMPCs to save lives without fear of costly damage or destruction to their device.

About Otter Products LLC:

Founded in 1998, Otter Products, LLC is highly respected in the design and production of rugged and semi-rugged cases to safeguard technology and other valuables. Built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity and perseverance, Otter Products LLC is a powerhouse of innovation, manufacturing quality cases with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee.

For more information visit www.otterbox.com or call 888-695-8820.

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*Case NOT fully protected against water. Will provide some added protection against drop, bump and dust. NOT intended for protection against water intrusion.

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