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Cigar Enthusiasts-Ideal Accessories for Any Adventure!

There's nothing like vacationing, golfing or lounging around with your favorite cigar. A good laugh, good conversation and fine smoke make any occasion memorable. There's also nothing like arriving at your destination to find your Zippo® lighter confiscated through airport security and your prized smokes ruined in your suitcase.

The solution...

With the virtually indestructible Cigar Caddy by OtterBox, cigar smokers have complete protection from the elements and lock in the freshness. Similarly, travelers can pack filled Zippo® pocket lighters in checked luggage with the Zippo Cargo Case, the only Department of Transportation (DOT) approved lighter carrying case. Both cases are waterproof, drop-resistant and crushproof, great for any adventure.

Rugged Protection for Prized Cigars...

The Cigar Caddy by OtterBox is available in a 2, 5, 10 and 15-stick model and is much less expensive - and more versatile - than leather or other types of cases on the market. Each Cigar Caddy (except for the two-stick case) features an internal portable humidification device to keep cigars fresh for months.

Safeguard Lighters During Travel...

The Zippo Cargo Case by OtterBox is an airtight container specifically designed to fit a single Zippo-brand pocket lighter. The cargo box offers Zippo owners convenience when traveling by air. Tested to meet stringent Department of Transportation standards, this case is designed with a special insert to hold the lighter and is completely rugged.

Otter Products, LLC

Founded in 1998, Otter Products has established itself as a world leader in unparalleled technology protection. Their exclusive collection of rugged cases includes protection for PDAs, laptops, tablet PCs, iPods®, Smartphones and more. Built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity, and perseverance, Otter Products is a powerhouse of innovation producing quality cases backed by a 100 percent lifetime guarantee, thus establishing a solid reputation in the technology industry.

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