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Accidents Happen, Ruggedize Technology With OtterBox: Solutions for Warehousing, Retail & Supply Chains

Constantly replacing and repairing broken laptops, PDAs, Smartphones or other technology on the job? Ruggedize with OtterBox.

For warehouse, retail and supply chain management, the mission is simple: accuracy and productivity. The introduction of mobile technology has made this even more achievable. But busy work environments are home to bumps, drops, spills and more, jeopardizing fragile devices and causing delays if broken.

OtterBox provides a safeguard against these elements. With durable cases for technology such as PDAs, Smartphones and laptops, cases provide complete user interaction and convert off-the-shelf units into rugged ones, saving companies thousands from investing in a rugged device.

A PDA with an attached Bluetooth barcode scanner, RFID reader, Socket CF or SD Barcode Scanner can all be protected in an OtterBox. Through an accessory POD, a clear attachment that secures to the top of the case, individuals can scan labels, enter data, check inventory, verify shipments, and send information wirelessly to a server in real-time.

Warehouse delivery drivers can also capture barcode or RFID data about the product on their truck with the OtterBox solution. Data can be downloaded via cellular network to a server location so deliveries are scheduled, tracked, and viewable in real-time. A simple signature capture on the PDA even allows delivery confirmation.

Another supportive solution is the fully alpha-numeric keypad which attaches to the bottom of the PDA case and plugs directly into the device. Information can be entered, emails sent and orders verified on the spot. With water-resistance, drop, and dust protection, this accessory can withstand 1 million key presses. Keys are backlit for visibility in the dark.

OtterBox increases time management, job efficiency and productivity by enabling a more mobile work environment without the fear of ruining expensive units. They also eliminate the need for bulky office tools such as desktop computers and costly repairs or replacements when accidents happen.

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