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Ruggedize Your Construction Technology

Look around any construction or project site, and you're bound to find a common crewmember, technology. Whether it's a laptop, handheld device or Smartphone, technology allows industry professionals to stay in touch and get organized with a portable office.

Eliminating the need for paper, pens, clipboards and field books, technology allows mobility so you can send an email, make a phone call or track a supply shipment even on the go. But, unexpected drops, bumps, rain, snow, dust and dirt mean expensive repairs or replacements.

With cases from OtterBox, construction crews, contractors, engineers and builders can take standard off the shelf technology and make it completely rugged. OtterBox protects against the elements for hundreds less than rugged devices, a cost-effective solution for any budget.

Available for laptops, Treos™, BlackBerrys®, HP iPaqs and PDAs, the OtterBox is the ideal accessory for busy work environments.

So, why add protection? Break your device and here's what you can expect to spend:

Treo and BlackBerry devices range $300-800. Break your LCD screen and you're looking at $120-140, new battery $60-70, housing replacement $80 and keyboards $30. Even the general diagnosis will cost you approximately $30.

A laptop ranges $500-2,500 or more, drop that and you're looking at $500-1,000 to replace the LCD screen, $100+ for a new battery, $150-200 for a hard-drive and around $130 for a replacement keyboard.

PDAs are usually priced $200-500 or more. Break your device and the diagnosis will cost you $15-30. Need to replace an LCD screen? It will cost about $185. A new battery ranges $50-70 and housing replacements $45. SD Cards are around $30-110 depending on the type you need.

Moral of the story, one wrong move on the job site can be costly. Ruggedize with OtterBox.

For more information on rugged construction cases visit www.otterbox.comor call 888-695-8820.

Kelly Richardson, 970-372-1875