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Military Extremes OtterBox: Protecting Technology and Valuables with Rugged Cases

Military environments can be some of the roughest, unforgiving terrain on the planet, especially for technology and valuables. With wind storms, hot and cold temperatures, sand, dust, mud and more, expensive devices don't stand a chance. Place them in an OtterBox though, and you know your belongings are protected against even the toughest elements!

What is an OtterBox? A waterproof, drop-resistant, dustproof, interactive, rugged case. Otter Products, LLC. manufactures OtterBox cases for iPods, PDAs, Tablet PCs, laptops, GPS units, cigars, cell phones, cameras and other valuables. You can see more product information online at www.otterbox.com.

Many military users have written to the company about their experiences with the cases and how the OtterBox ultimately saved their device or valuable. Attached are some awesome stories and photos of experiences from those serving in the Middle East.

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