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OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case - The Ultimate Laptop Protection for Work or Play

Transform a standard laptop into a rugged laptop with the OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case, from Otter Products, LLC. Available in three customizable sizes, released throughout the year, this rugged case provides water, dust and drop protection. Case keeps laptops safe in any environment, for work or play.

With a virtually indestructible polypropylene shell, the OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case is ready for any adventure. The first available case, the 7030, accommodates laptops with screens 14"-15." Later this year OtterBox will release the 7020 for laptop screens 14" and smaller and the 7040 for screens 15" and larger. Cases will also accommodate similar-sized devices including Tablet PCs, Slates and Ultra Mobile PCs.

"Over the past few years, customers have inquired about cases for their expensive laptops," said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC. "The OtterBox Laptop Carrying Case provides a necessary shield while remaining stylish, lightweight and rugged."

Easy open yet secure close latches, safely store delicate laptops and an included lock provides extra security. For effortless transport, a carrying handle and shoulder strap are included.

Innovative, ergonomic cases provide access to drives and ports as well as automatic pressure equalization. No-slide rubber grips on the bottom allow for a sturdy, scratch-free hold on any surface.

Internal configuration includes customizable shock-absorbing bumpers and a quick release strap for easy laptop removal, especially helpful in airport security lines. With an accessible design, users can access their laptop even while it's in the case, simply pop open the lid and go to work. Users can easily modify the interior of the case to fit virtually any laptop to fit their individual needs.

"The OtterBox Laptop Carrying Case provides an ideal solution for business travelers, construction crews, engineers, law enforcement officials and others wanting to add durability to their expensive device," said Brian Thomas, Director of Sales and Marketing. "Unlike leather or cloth laptop cases, the OtterBox provides security for busy work environments."

As seen in coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the OtterBox Rugged Laptop Carrying Case withstood a 250lb person jumping on it and a full bottle of water poured over it.

"The enclosed laptop stayed completely protected from water and the crushing force even under the watchful eye of the camera," said Thomas.

Organization accessories for business cards, pens and other office items will be available mid 2006.

Otter Products, founded in 1998 has a complete line of rugged cases for technology and valuables including Tablet PCs, Apple iPods®, and handhelds.

For more information visit www.otterbox.com or call (888) 695-8820.

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