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Feeling Adventurous?

Otter Products, LLC. announces the debut of the OtterBox for iPod nano, the highly anticipated protective case for iPod nanos. As the fifth case in the popular OtterBox for iPod line, the OtterBox for iPod nano also promises waterproof, interactive protection for any adventure.

”With its lightweight, thin design, the OtterBox for iPod nano is the most versatile nano case on the market,” said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC. “The case provides a compact enclosure for ideal protection.”

Unlike other cases on the market, users can take the OtterBox for iPod nano virtually anywhere—to the beach, working out, on vacation and more! Suggested retail is $49.95.

Features include an interactive membrane that provides clickwheel access and a hard screen cover to shield the display. Rubber lining inside the case cradles the nano and a secure-close latch adds protection. The case facilitates use of any style headphone and when combined with waterproof headphones, it can even go swimming!

“With a delicate design, the iPod nano is susceptible to daily ware and tear, a frustration for many nano owners,” said Brian Thomas, Director of Sales and Marketing. “With the OtterBox for iPod nano, the nano is safeguarded against scratches, drops, dust, water and other occurrences.”

For uncompromised style, the clear case allows the color of the nano to show through and includes a removable neck lanyard and belt clip for easy carrying. Optional armbands are available for $14.95.

Otter Products, LLC. offers a complete line of virtually indestructible OtterBox for iPod cases for the 20GB, photo, mini and shuffle. Other products include protective cases for iPaqs, notebooks, Tablet PCs, and other valuables.

For more information call 888-695-8820 or visit www.otterbox.com. OtterBox, never out of its element!

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