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Business on the Go-Magnetic Stripe Reader & Keypad

Otter Products, LLC. introduces two accessories for the OtterBox Armor 1900 rugged PDA case, a 3-track Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) and a fully alpha-numeric Keypad, ideal technology functions for business on the go.

“Combined with the OtterBox Armor 1900, the MSR and Keypad offer flexibility and convenience for busy work environments,” said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC. “These accessories provide infinite capabilities for retail, delivery, health care and law enforcement industries. Now users can scan cards or use a keypad anywhere their job takes them.”

About the MSR:

With the MSR kit, OtterBox Armor 1900 users can swipe credit cards, membership cards, and IDs right from their iPaq. The MSR easily attaches to the OtterBox Armor 1900 without tools. With its sleek design, this accessory adds only 2.1 inches to the case, so the device remains compact and easy to operate.

Designed specifically for HP iPaqs, the MSR has a water-resistant design and allows sync and charge capabilities. This accessory measures 2.75” wide x 1.75” high. Software (not included) is required for correct operation.

About the Keypad:

The OtterBox Armor 1900 Keypad also offers user mobility. With a rugged, overmolded, waterproof design this accessory can withstand up to 1 million key presses! Additionally, it allows sync and charge right through the case.

This kit easily attaches to the OtterBox Armor 1900 without tools and works with HP iPaqs. Keypad adds 4.2 inches to the 1900, measuring 4.2” wide x 1.75” high. Drivers included for Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0.

“Following the release of the 1900, we received customer feedback regarding accessories that would be helpful in the field,” said Brian Thomas, Director of Sales & Marketing. “Inspired by the response for such capabilities, we’ve created accessories to meet the demand.”

With these accessories, work becomes mobile, increasing efficiency and time management.

Otter Products, LLC. offers a complete line of virtually indestructible cases for iPods, notebooks, Tablet PCs, and other valuables.

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